An Influencer's Blog Should Always Come First


Instagram and Facebook were down. Again. YouTube is randomly demonetizing videos. An influencer called the police because her account was deleted and it felt like murder. IT IS REAL IN THESE STREETS GUYS.


For my first live coaching session tomorrow (have you registered yet?) we are starting with all things blog. Your posts need to be the main asset you sell to a brand. The social posts are supposed to be EXTRA (even if they are very expensive extras.) Your blog community and your email list, you know the things you actually own, are supposed to be your shining star, not something you "throw in for free" because no one reads them and you're actually ashamed of how long it's been since you've updated them.

One thing that continues to baffle me is how much time influencers put into platforms they do not own. Mark, Larry, and Sergey do not care about you or how many hours you pour into your content.

They do not care that branded campaigns are how you pay your tuition/mortgage/Netflix bills. They do not know you and yet you are trusting them - STRANGERS - with the only set of keys to your livelihood. Don't be that girl.

Join me live tomorrow at 2pm EST or catch the replay if you're busy. We're going to be chatting all things blog including SEO, Google Trends, Adsense, and Pinterest. Sign up and save $25 with code: heygirlhey. If this is going to be what you do full-time, you need to level up. Let's do this.